What you've always wanted - a gay boyfriend that fits in your pocket.
The perfect iPhone app if you're gay, straight, bi or just mini-curious.

 Choose your man from 18 mini gays and start flirting your way into his heart. Make sure to keep your winks cheeky, your hugs hot and your kisses well timed!

Start dating and you can take your mini gay for coffee, to the cinema or out for dinner. But be careful not to spill the milk or drop the popcorn - he won't like it if you can't handle a hotdog.

And if you think romance is dead, you haven't tried breakfast in bed. Or keep it burning with well packed picnics and candlelit bubble baths.

You can even make the ultimate commitment and buy a pet. But don’t forget to feed it – nothing says it's over more than a dead pug.

Your mini gay boyfriend will make you wonder why you ever bothered with real life relationships. And don’t worry, he won’t mind if you have a real life partner. We just can’t promise the reverse will be true. Happy romancing x x x